Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

Important forms:

You will be required to read the relevant "Are you fit to" information and complete an acceptance of risk form for yourself, or in the case of under 18's your charge, on arrival they will differ from tunnel to tunnel. Below are some examples from Bodyflight.

"Are you Fit to fly?" example

"Acceptance of Risk" example

General terms and conditions:

1. Booking terms
2. Payment terms
3. Flying Cancellations
4. Arrival times & Check-in
5. Under 18's
6. Video & Photos
7. Indoor Skydiving

1.0 - Booking terms:
1.1 Pre-booking of all activities is advisable to ensure your preferred date and time.
1.2 No booking for any activity may be entered into the Booking System unless payment is made or a Bank Transfer is initiated.
1.3 For schools and colleges provided a purchase order has been received a booking can be made in the system. Payment must be received prior to the booking date.
1.4 If a booking confirmation is required please request one at the time of booking and provide a valid e-mail address to which it can be sent.

2.0 - Payment terms:

3.0 - Flying Cancelations:
3.1 For bookings of flight time of under 60 minutes, when booked within our normal opening hours, the following cancellation policy applies:
3.1.1 With less than 24 hours notice you will be charged the full amount and will not be able to reschedule.
3.1.2 With more than 24 hours notice you can reschedule your booking or hold it as a 'credit'.
3.1.3 For bookings of flight time of 60 minutes or more a notice period of three days per hour booking is required. (So for example to cancel two hours 6 days notice must be given)

4.0 - Arrival times and check in:
4.1 If it is your first time participating in any one of the activities on offer you must arrive at least one hour before your activity start time for your briefing.
4.2 If you miss your pre-activity briefing you will be unable to take part and will not be reimbursed or offered an alternative activity.
4.3 You will be required to read an ‘are you fit to take part’ sheet for the activity you are doing.
4.4 All participants will be required to complete an acceptance of risk form.

5.0 - Under 18’s:
5.1 Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult who will be asked to read and sign the Acceptance of Risk form on their behalf.
5.2 Participants for all activities should be over the age of 5 and over 107cm tall. However, a parent/guardian’s discretion is advised as to the suitability of their child for the activity.
5.3 Accompanying adults are responsible for their wards at all times whilst on site.

6.0 - Video & Photos:
6.1 The provision of Video footage, digital USB footage and photos are considered a separate service to the activities on offer.
6.2 In the event of video footage or photos being unavailable no rescheduling or reimbursement of any activity is possible.
6.3 Should your activity package include a free DVD or free USB, in the unlikely event that this is unavailable there shall be no replacement, alternative or reimbursement.

7.0 - Indoor Skydiving:
7.0.1 Weight Restrictions are in place for flyers. The maximum flying weight is 16.5 stone.
7.0.2 In the event that 2 people are of such a difference in size or weight that Bodyflight's instructors deem it necessary not to fly customers together, they will make the decision to fly them separately within the same allotted activity times